Yoshinkan Aikido is not a sport. Aikido is the development and strengthening of the body and mind, and the practical side of Aikido must never be forgotten.


Required Fees upon Entrance

Entrance Fee 10,800 JPY
Honbu Registration Fee  3,240 JPY
Textbook Fee  1,500 JPY

Monthly Tuition

<General Class>

Types of Membership Monthly Tuition
Adults Students
General Membership 11.880 JPY 10.800 JPY
1 day-Per-Week Membershi 10.800 JPY 9.720 JPY
General Senshusei Membership 14,040 JPY 14,040 JPY
Kenshu Membership 16,200 JPY 16,200 JPY

<Children's Class, Parent-Child Class>

Types of Membership Monthly Tuition
Everyday Membership 7,560 JPY
2 Days-per-week Membership 5,400 JPY
Parent-Child Membership 12,960 JPY
(Each number of child added is +1,080yen)

<Special Classes>

※Please check here for Fees about the International Senshusei Course.

<Special Membership>

Types of Membership Monthly Tuition
Special Membership 32,400 JPY

<Corporation Membership>

Number of People Registration fee Annual Tuition
2 Members 51,400 JPY 205,715 JPY
(Monthly Tuition not needed)
Another member added None 102,800 JPY
(Monthly Tuition not needed)


<Family Discount>

2 Members of a family 10% off from total tuition
3 Members of a family 15% off from total tuition
※Only applies to tuition being paid from the same bank account.