2018/01/10 Announcement of Leadership Changes at Honbu Dojo
2017/12/23 WINTER BREAK ANNOUNCEMENT: The Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo will be closed from Sunday, December 24th, 2017 through Monday, January 8th, 2018. Activities will resume on Tuesday, January 9th.
2017/12/13 We are currently accepting applications for the 28th International Senshusei Course.
2017/12/06 We would like to send our sincere condolences to you on the loss of your dear Sensei Hiromichi Nagano.
With Respect and Sympathy,
From everyone at Honbu Dojo and the entire Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation
2017/11/08 63rd All-Japan demonstration scheduled for 29th September 2018
2017/09/15 AYF announces regulations regarding Shihan titles
2017/04/28 GOLDEN WEEK BREAK ANNOUNCEMENT: Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo will be closed from 29th April to 5th May inclusive. Activities will resume on 6th May.
2017/04/12 Yoshinkan Honbu staff heads to shrines; wishes for health and safety of all AYF members
2017/03/31 All-Japan demonstration scheduled for 30th September 2017
2017/03/29 The new 2017 Yoshinkan Test Syllabus (10th Kyu - Yudan)PDF PDF
2017/03/10 New English language Yoshinkan Aikido instruction manual now available
2017/01/21 AYF establishes High-Rank Grading CommitteePDF PDF
2016/12/23 Registration for the 27th international Senshusei program now open
2016/12/17 Noriki Shihan leads seminar in Lviv, Ukraine
2016/11/05 All-Japan demonstration gathers around 800 people at Komazawa Olympic Park
2016/11/04 Chino Kancho Daiko, International Senshusei participate in Yamanashi Aikido embutaikai
2016/10/04 Important announcement on AYF leadership: Susumu Chino appointed Acting Kancho
2016/08/03 SUMMER BREAK ANNOUNCEMENT: Honbu dojo will close from 6th August to 15th August 2016 inclusive. Activities will resume on 16th August 2016.
2016/06/25 All-Japan demonstration to take place on 22nd October 2016
2016/07/20 Registration for the 27th International Senshusei program now open (2017-2018)
2016/06/24 Honbu dojo's Noriki Shihan leads 1-week seminar in the Russian Far-East
2015/12/11 The Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo will be on Winter Vacation from December 24th 2015 - January 7th 2016.
2015/12/11 Now seeking applicants for the 26th International Senshusei Program (2016-2017). The application deadline is February 28th, 2016!
2015/12/10 60th Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration and 100 Years since the birth of Gozo Shioda Sensei
2015/09/02 The 60th All Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration and 100th Anniversary of Gozo Shioda Sensei
2015/08/20 2015 Legendary Award to Takafumi Takeno Saiko Shihan and 2015 Premier Award to the Aikido Yoshinkan Organization
2015/07/07 Seminar with Yomeikan (Germany), Kiryokukan (Ukraine), and Bugeikan (Poland)
2015/05/12 The new 2015 Yoshinkan Test Syllabus (10th Kyu - Yudan)
2016/10/04 Important announcement on AYF leadership: Susumu Chino appointed Acting Kancho
2015/01/21 Honbu Dojo's Noriki Shihan holds Yoshinkan Aikido seminar in Russia