2017/04/28 GOLDEN WEEK BREAK ANNOUNCEMENT: Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo will be closed from 29th April to 5th May inclusive. Activities will resume on 6th May.
2017/04/12 Yoshinkan Honbu staff heads to shrines; wishes for health and safety of all AYF members
2017/03/31 All-Japan demonstration scheduled for 30th September 2017
2017/03/29 The new 2017 Yoshinkan Test Syllabus (10th Kyu - Yudan)PDF PDF
2017/03/10 New English language Yoshinkan Aikido instruction manual now available
2017/01/21 AYF establishes High-Rank Grading CommitteePDF PDF
2016/12/23 Registration for the 27th international Senshusei program now open
2016/12/17 Noriki Shihan leads seminar in Lviv, Ukraine
2016/11/05 All-Japan demonstration gathers around 800 people at Komazawa Olympic Park
2016/11/04 Chino Kancho Daiko, International Senshusei participate in Yamanashi Aikido embutaikai
2016/10/04 Important announcement on AYF leadership: Susumu Chino appointed Acting Kancho
2016/08/03 SUMMER BREAK ANNOUNCEMENT: Honbu dojo will close from 6th August to 15th August 2016 inclusive. Activities will resume on 16th August 2016.
2016/06/25 All-Japan demonstration to take place on 22nd October 2016
2016/07/20 Registration for the 27th International Senshusei program now open (2017-2018)
2016/06/24 Honbu dojo's Noriki Shihan leads 1-week seminar in the Russian Far-East
2015/12/11 The Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo will be on Winter Vacation from December 24th 2015 - January 7th 2016.
2015/12/11 Now seeking applicants for the 26th International Senshusei Program (2016-2017). The application deadline is February 28th, 2016!
2015/12/10 60th Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration and 100 Years since the birth of Gozo Shioda Sensei
2015/09/02 The 60th All Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration and 100th Anniversary of Gozo Shioda Sensei
2015/08/20 2015 Legendary Award to Takafumi Takeno Saiko Shihan and 2015 Premier Award to the Aikido Yoshinkan Organization
2015/07/07 Seminar with Yomeikan (Germany), Kiryokukan (Ukraine), and Bugeikan (Poland)
2015/05/12 The new 2015 Yoshinkan Test Syllabus (10th Kyu - Yudan)
2016/10/04 Important announcement on AYF leadership: Susumu Chino appointed Acting Kancho
2015/01/21 Honbu Dojo's Noriki Shihan holds Yoshinkan Aikido seminar in Russia