Yoshinkan Aikido is not a sport. Aikido is the development and strengthening of the body and mind, and the practical side of Aikido must never be forgotten.

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Aikido Q&A

What kinds of techniques are used in Aikido?
Yoshinkan AikidoAikido uses circular movements in order to assimilate with the power of an attack. (This power is the energy which is generated when two people pass each other.) Then after assimilating with the attack the Aikido technique neutralizes the enemy's attack completely from a dead angle.
Why is Aikido called "The Martial Art of Harmony"?
Yoshinkan AikidoAikido techniques don't have unnatural movements.
For example, if your enemy pulls you, the action you take will not be to resist the pull, but to harmonize with the movement, and lead the attacker to a naturally unbalance position. Aikido always applies a harmonizing technique and that is the reason why Aikido is called "the Martial Art of Harmony".
Is Aikido good for your health?
Yoshinkan Aikido Many people visit Aikido dojos for health purposes.
Although, many other sports are good for keeping you healthy, Aikido has many motions using muscles and joints that are not usually used. Twists, turns, and stretches in Aikido training, stimulate muscles and nerve centers in your body, which are good for your health and well being.
Aikido is a martial art where you train in a cooperative atmosphere with an ambitious mind, concentrating on training with the help of others. In this healthy environment, practicing Aikido will make you feel mentally better.
Aikido is said to be good for character-building. Why?
Yoshinkan AikidoAikido always harmonizes with the enemy's attack without collision. This feature of Aikido inspires the spirit of cooperation with others.
In a serious clean dojo, with courtesy and manner, continuous training will help students to mature, become broad-minded, understanding, accepting and appreciative. Aikido will enrich practitioners' humanities.
What is "Ki" in Aikido?
Yoshinkan Aikido 「"Ki" means the source of life, the power that vitalizes you, or life itself. When you apply a technique at the moment that the enemy's "Ki" weakens, you will be able to perform the technique better than usual.
In Aikido training, Kokyu-ryoku (Breath-Power) is naturally developed which is a fundamental power generated by the flow of "Ki".
Why is Aikido thought to be useful for self-defense?
Yoshinkan AikidoAikido techniques are designed to neutralize the attacker, therefore it is ideal for self-defense.
Can anyone practice Aikido?
Yoshinkan Aikido Aikido doesn't use hard collision. It makes use of the enemy's power of the attack when applying the technique. In this sense, physical spec, like body size, muscle strength, do not matter in the practice of Aikido. For that reason, Aikido is spreading throughout the world among young and old, male and female.
How about starting from a beginners' level?
Yoshinkan AikidoMost of the new members of the dojo are beginners of Aikido, and have never experienced other martial arts. Aikido is not a competitive style sport, like playing a game or competing for records.
A new student begins by intensively practicing basic movements and techniques repeatedly. Practicing repeatedly and continuously, the student improves their Aikido step by step.
Can I start at anytime?
Yoshinkan AikidoAbsolutely. Yoshinkan Honbu and all the other Yoshinkan Dojos around the world are waiting for you to contact them.
I do not speak Japanese, can I still join training at Honbu dojo?
Yoshinkan AikidoYes of course. Some of the instructors speak English, and all are welcoming to anyone who wants to train. The learning is very physical, and the instructors are very skilled at making their movements clear and easy to understand for everyone.