Yoshinkan Aikido is not a sport. Aikido is the development and strengthening of the body and mind, and the practical side of Aikido must never be forgotten.

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Yearly Schedule

Aikido YoshinkanAikido YoshinkanAikido Yoshinkan

Apr.2021 - Mar.2022 Honbu Yearly Schedule

*Yearly schedule is subject to change due to Covid-19 restrictions.
*The details for events and testing will be announced later in 'News' column.

Y M D  
  Mar. Sat., 20th National Holiday
Sat., 27th Monthly test, Quarterly test(Day1)
Sun., 28th Quarterly test(Day2)
2021 Apr. Sat., 24th Monthly test
Thu., 29th~Wed., May 5th Spring holiday
May Sat., 29th Monthly test
Jun. Sat., 19th Monthly test
Sat., 26th Quarterly test(Day1)
Sun., 27th Quarterly test (Day2), Instructor Qualification test
Jul. Sat., 17th Shioda Gozo Memorial day (closed)
Tue., 20th~Mon., 26th Shochu geiko (Training-in-the-Heat special week)
Thu.,22nd Marine day (closed for the holiday)
Fri.,23rd Sports day (closed for the holiday)
Sat., 31th Monthly test
Aug. (TBC) Summer party
Sun., 8th Mountain day (closed for the holiday)
Tue., 10th~Sun., 15th Summer Holiday
Sat., 28th Monthly test
Sep. Sat., 18th Monthly test
Thu.,23rd Autumnal Equinox day (closed for the holiday)
Sat., 25th Quarterly test(Day1)
Sun., 26th Quarterly test(Day2)
Oct Sat., 2nd (TBD) The 66th All-Japan AYF Demonstration meeting
The final decision on holding the meeting or not will be made later and announced accordingly
Sat., 30th Monthly test
Nov. Wed., 3rd Culture day (closed for the holiday)
Tue., 23rd Labor Thanksgiving day (closed for the holiday)
Sat., 27th Monthly test
Dec. Sat., 4th Big cleaning (closed)
Sat., 18th Monthly test, Quarterly test (Day1)
Sun., 19th Quarterly test (Day2), Instructor Qualification test
Year-end party
Thu., 23rd Last training of the year
Fri., 24th~Tue., Jan. 4th Winter Holiday
2022 Jan. Sat.,9th aking-the-Mirror ceremony & Rice cake in sweet red bean soup party
Wed.,12th making-up off day for Coming-of-age day
Mon., 20th ~Sun., 26th Kanchu Geiko (Training-in-the-Cold special week)
Sat., 29th Monthly test
Feb. Fri., 11th National Foundation day (closed for the holiday)
Wed.,23rd The Emperor's Birthday (closed for the holiday)
Sat., 26th Monthly test
Mar. Sat., 19th Monthly test
Wed.,23rd making-up off day for Vernal Equinox day
Sat., 26th Quarterly test(Day1)
Sun., 27th Quarterly test(Day2)